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AI Technology

The first test of pilotless flying has been successfully completed, with the technology allowing the plane to both take-off and land completely autonomously (1). AI military technology has been tested in air combat against an experienced human airforce pilot in which the AI achieved a “flawless victory” (2).

Telemarketing firms in China are tapping into the resilience of AI to replace human cold callers, using triggers such as names of a related product to engage in further conversation (3). AI is also providing a personalized experience for sports fans to engage via social media with their favourite teams (4).

American schools are installing AI software, used in China to build its surveillance state, to monitor students for possible COVID-19 symptoms. Similar facial-recognition technology is being used in China for policing purposes and is being reported to measure the emotions of customers (5).

A self-driving-car startup, founded by a 17 year old highschooler, was sold in a billion-dollar merger and will soon become a publicly-traded company, which made a name for itself by developing cost-effective lidar sensors, used to allow the cars to “see”, therefore ensuring a safe driving experience. The young entrepreneur is another in a slew of “dropouts” showing alternative ways of reaching success (6).



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