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America’s Pull-out Game

President Trump has surprised the international community by declaring they will be pulling out of Syria (1), and leading to speculations that this might lead to a wider withdrawal of US troops (2).

The decision for America to scale back on the role of global policeman (3) leaves room for other parties to fill in the gap (4) as the US switches from playing henchman to playing Godfather (5). History will tell whether this signaled the end of American hegemony, or the start of a new era of international relations.



  1. Syria withdrawal: Trump doesn't want US to be Middle East policeman, spending lives & trillions

  2. U.S. Plans Withdrawal of 7,000 Troops From Afghanistan, Official Says

  3. Trump Declares End To U.S. 'Policeman' Role During Surprise Visits To Troops In Iraq, Germany

  4. Russia, Turkey discuss coordination in Syria after U.S. withdrawal

  5. Trump comes clean… from world’s policeman to thug running a global protection racket

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