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America: The Fall of an Empire

America is marching towards destruction, evidenced by the recent decline in global competitiveness (1), the impending death of the dollar (2), ballooning budget deficits (3), and all-time-low treasury yields (4), coupled with severe civil unrest (5) and the threat of being thrown into civil war (6). Such a tactical combination is usually employed to bring democracy to other nations, but now has been turned against the American people (7).

Wealth imbalance has reached unprecedented heights (8), with billionaires being made (9) whilst the majority of US citizens are crushed by the effects of the lockdowns (10).

The upcoming elections are fueling an already raging fire as each candidate’s growing and waning popularity is mirrored by the rises and falls of the stock market, fortuitously providing insight into what the post-election market might look like (11). This year’s election may also prove particularly pivotal for Europe due to the shifts in the geopolitical landscape over the past 4 years (12).

It’s no secret the state of the US political (13), geopolitical (14), economic (15), and socioeconomic (16), climates are in trouble. From a reduced GDP projection (17) to relentlessly mounting debt (18) and crippling unemployment (19), the failed economic recovery (20) is as disastrous as the pandemic itself (21).

Government interventions offer little tangible relief to the “average Joe” (22) and many are forced to rely heavily on government-sourced income (23) or delay obtaining independent living arrangements (24) while becoming increasingly annoyed at their right to earn being met with mounting government-imposed restrictions (25).

The quadrennial dance between republicans and democrats has become overshadowed by unease over the lack of capable leadership (26), geopolitical blindness (27), mistrust in the system (28), and downright ludicracy (29). This election is shaping up to be the garish fireworks climaxing the spectacle that’s been 2020. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t (30).



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