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American Implosion

Americans are facing rough times ahead as amidst overwhelmed food banks (1) that are unable to meet the rising demand (2), and food inflation soaring despite stable CPI (3). With little hope of regaining employment (4), some have resorted to stealing small amounts in order to make ends meet, however large businesses have admitted to using facial recognition software to identify the thieves with the intent of charging them with heftier crimes in the future (5). The bias toward large corporations in the Fed's credit policies (6) has widened wealth inequality (7), sparking a flood of bankruptcies (8) which may be a foreshadowing of further turmoil (9).

The FED's official debt-to-income ratio is heavily skewed by the top 10%, creating an illusion that all's well yet ignoring the reality faced by the bottom 80% of Americans forcing them to further reduce discretionary spending (10).

America's political climate grapples with controversies over left vs right, to pandemic or not to pandemic (11), with protests starting to go the way of the French Revolution (12). Police brutality and racial prejudice are still major topics of interest (13) and the very laws put in place to solve such issues are backfiring in their application (14), while political movements are blamed for the increase in racial tensions, often by the very people they claim to support (15).

BLM learns the hard truth about Marxism as leader claims millions, and leaves local chapters with nothing (16)

With nothing of value to support the US economy, capital markets have become the working equivalent. This explains the FED’s ongoing liquidity injections despite overwhelming evidence of its unsustainability (17). The US economy has become reliant on Fed market manipulation, which has become an irreplaceable feature of the bond market, and by extension, of every other market (18). With inflation being the primary focus of the Fed’s monetary policy, consumer price measures have been warped to ensure the targeted 2%, while excluding house prices creates major discrepancies in accurately measuring inflation (19).

The pandemic was merely the scapegoat to cover up an economic travesty on the verge of collapse (20).

The looming loss of the dollar as a reserve currency (21) coupled with its ongoing declining rate and hyperinflation (22) will eventually hit home as Americans find their dollars have lost their purchasing power, internationally and domestically, with nothing to fall back on, as even their (dollar) savings will have become worthless (23).



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