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American Internationalism

Last year the US reported the largest budget deficit to date, and it seems unlikely to be dropping any time soon (1), having hit a few monthly records already early this year (2). The US have also hit a new record in their fight against terrorism, being now active in 40% of the world’s nations (13). Military expansion is, however, an expensive business and new funding routes are being explored, including a 150% charge to allied countries for the “honour” of hosting American troops (4).

The American government shutdown came with a whole slew of unexpected surprises. The average American is highly vulnerable to any sort of economic downturn (5), their welfare programs grind to a halt if there is any sort of governmental disruption (6), the vast majority have no way to deal with sudden income disruptions (7). Considering these revelations it would not be premature to state that America is slowly sliding into something far worse than the recession of 2008 (8), and this time, they lack a firm hold on global politics and financial systems to save them from the economic decline (9).



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