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Big Tech Censorship

Big Tech once again displayed their omnipotence, as the digital oligarchy unabashedly silenced the voice of whom cinema and the media have dubbed "the most powerful man in the word": a US president (1). Nations around the world expressed strong consternation over the flagrant, ongoing censorship and monopolization exploited by Big Tech (2), prompting the EU to set up regulations granting them the right to break up any platforms violating their rules (3). Following the suspension of then-president Trump's account, Twitter, in their own words, "aggressively deployed technology" in a massive culling of over 70,000 accounts (4) sparking a stock backlash that saw their shares tumble by 12%, wiping $5 billion from their market cap (5). In what may be interpreted as a "thank you" for facilitating the election win by quelling conservative voices, now-president Biden has appointed several executives from Big Tech to serve in his administration (6).

Big Tech censorship is not limited to conservative Americans. A Mexican cardinal had his video, denouncing exploitation of the pandemic and the new world order, grey-screened and labeled as "False Information" (7), while MSM went full-blown "thought police" by attempting to redefine how one may interpret or use the term "Orwellian" (8). Censorship to this scale has the potential to result in a split in society, with one side being more concerned with what they deem "morally right" than with factual truth (9), adversely affecting business activity, education quality, and knowledge and information gathering, and which may culminate in two parallel, yet totally incompatible societies.



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