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Cardinal Military

Russia and China have undertaken joint military drills in the Asia Pacific region (1). China is expanding its military reach with a naval base in the Gulf of Thailand (2). Both Russia and China have been active on the African continent, with China continuing to pursue trade and military connections (3).

NATO threatened to “respond” to the threat of Russia’s new missile system leading to concerns of escalation and putting Europe at risk (4).

The US has been trying to improve its relations with countries on China’s periphery (5), while continuing to challenge China’s sovereignty in the Taiwan Strait (6).

Turkey challenges the US with the delivery of Russian S-400 weapons systems (7), risking sanctions (8), the loss of American F-35 fighter planes (9) and the wrath of NATO (10). However, new information indicates that Turkey might have lost the F-35s due to the lobbying efforts of Israel (11).

Tensions between the US and Iran continue to rise with claims an American assault ship shot down an Iranian drone in the Persian Gulf (12), an act which was denied by the Iranian military (13) claiming the US shot down its own drone (14).

Tensions continue to rise as military divides between East and West become more pronounced as America continues to pursue military-backed tactics to retain its global dominance, despite waning support for yet another war in the Middle East (15), lack of discipline within their army ranks (16), and allies losing faith in their ability to provide adequate protection according to mutual treaties.

Philippine president Duterte issued a challenge to the US military to “fire the first shot” in the altercation against China rather than hiding behind their allies in the South China Sea (17).

Russian relations continue to improve over the value of their military defense systems and advanced fighter planes, with both India and Turkey considering a purchase of the SU-57s (18).

Iran has pushed back against the US’s presence in the Strait of Hormuz, claiming sovereignty over the defense of the region (19). The advances in Iran’s military prowess and alliances in the region will make it more challenging for the US to attempt any sort of ground invasion or wage a winnable war against Iran (20).

While Afghanistan seems to be moving towards peace, the details of such an agreement seem to be lost in translation (21).



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