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China Linking the “Willing” World

China’s newest ambition is to create a literal link between the mainland and the trade-important Taiwan in the form of an express train rail, the current tensions between the two nations notwithstanding, as China seems determined to strengthen its ties to the island by hook or by crook (1). The hegemonic “game of thrones” between China-Russia and the US has already practically been won, given the post-covid economic stability and growth in China while the US is still barely treading water. Eurasia has become the chessboard upon which ultimate victory or defeat will play out (2), with China consistently gaining ground (3) in strategically vital markets (4), while the US, unwilling to concede defeat, is grasping at straws (5) and destroying its last competitive economy (the financial market) by pushing Chinese and other foreign companies out of their stock markets (



  1. China has its eye on a Taiwan Strait rail link

  2. Biden’s last throw of geopolitical dice

  3. Iran & China Sign Massive 25-Year Deal: $400BN Chinese Infrastructure Investment For Oil

  4. The Iran-China Axis Is A Fast Growing Force In Oil Markets

  5. Aufstieg Eurasiens: Neue Konzepte zur Eind¨ammung von globalen Ambitionen des Westens

  6. UPDATE 6-Chinese tech stocks slump as U.S. SEC begins rollout of law aimed at delisting

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