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China’s Soft Expansion

China plans on having its own Silicon Valley (1) as it finds itself walled-out of US-based startups (2). However, Chinese investments have been welcomed by Israel (3) and Israeli startups have been making inroads into the Chinese market (4), backed by, and bought by (5), some of the giants in the industry (6).

China has moved into India via the app store (7) while Hong Kong expands onto India’s roadways with motorcycle delivery services (8).

The connection between China and Israel can be clearly seen in the amount of bipartisan tech investments (9). Naturally this partnership is a growing concern to the US (10) and a potential issue due to tensions between the US and China (11), and Israel’s place as a traditional US ally, causing trouble as Israel's high-tech sector moves AI innovations towards military applications (12).

China might soon face similar troubles in India as it has in the US as India moves to tighten regulations to encourage the rise of Indian companies (13).



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