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China’s Unicorns Charge into US Markets

Despite trade war tensions, Chinese companies continue to look to the US in order to launch their IPOs (1) (2) (3) (4).

Nevertheless Hong Kong is gaining importance as an IPO market (5) (6) also support by Chinese policies asking it’s “unicorns” to keep the money at home (7).

Singapore’s authority are holding back a crowdfunding platform due to licensing issues (8).

Tencent has launched more tech IPOs (9) than any other market player. Local Chinese Governments support a further expansions of the IPO activity using financial awards as incentives for companies to go public (10).

Despite Trump’s attempts to block Chinese telecom giant from entering the US, citing national security risks (11), China finds loopholes to invest in American tech (12) anyways.



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  2. Tencent-backed news aggregation app Qutoutiao files for US public offering

  3. One of China's hottest electric car companies is planning a $1.8 billion IPO in the US

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  11. Trump To Block Chinese Telecom Giant From Entering US Market

  12. China Targets U.S. Tech Startups in Investment Loophole

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