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China socio-economics

Foreign degrees are becoming less valuable as over-saturation has made them all too common (1), however, foreign-trained entrepreneurs are finding new opportunities in Chinese tech (2) and could spearhead the next wave of tech innovations (3). However, the newly minted tech elites could experience a backlash from young ideological Marxists (4).

China has continued its cracking down on its Muslim citizens (5) using tactics such as forced cohabitation (6) in an effort to make them more “normal” (7). Other targeted groups include communist students (8) and porn enthusiasts (9).

Government intervention is commonly regarded as a means of allowing inefficiencies to flourish (10), however it doesn’t seem as if the Chinese government is going to be giving up the economic reins anytime soon (11).

China’s debt diplomacy is moving nations to seek cash elsewhere (12), while others have been left without a clear idea of just how much is owed to the lending giant (13).

China’s entertainment sector has cracked the puzzle of profit and propaganda (14), however their stars should be wary of outshining the Motherland as the disappearance of Chinese superstar, and abrupt reappearance, brings to mind old tales of USSR brainwashing techniques (15).



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