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China: The Player

China is taking a leadership role in global concerns, calling for a de-escalation of conflicts and accusing the US of engaging in acts which are destroying the international order (1), while the US monopoly over South Eastern trade routes is threatened by China’s rising popularity in the area with its promise of trade, financial aid, development, and economic growth (2).

Strained relations between China and the US persist, with each side using political and financial tactics ranging from visa-canceling (3), alleged-spy arrests (4), harassment (5), and stock delisting (6), to exclusions from special treatment (7), as the petty tit-for-tat risks escalating into full-blown war (8).

Tensions between China and the Philippines have been soothed, with both sides affirming their desire to retain a bilateral relationship. The maritime territorial dispute appeared of more concern to the US, who is pushing for a military presence, than to the Philippine government (9).

China is creating Middle Eastern trade partnerships to ensure access to Iraqi oil, providing ingress to the geographically-strategic waterways, while the Arab nations have turned a blind eye to human-rights injustices committed against Chinese-Muslim minorities (10).

China is giving Taiwan payback for its refusal to kowtow to China’s demands. This alteration in China’s policy toward Taiwan has potentially adverse ramifications to the dynamic of the Taiwan-Hong Kong relationship, and the status of both as a buffer between China and the west (11).

China continues to play the international political field—occasionally in a manner rather extraordinary (12) —by strengthening its relationship with various Asian nations (13), forming collectively important ties between Europe and Russia (14), and conversely, clamping down on those who do not succumb to its charms; stooping to any level to make a point (15).



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