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China Trade expansion

China’s “Belt and Road” initiative sparks concerns that China will expand their military presence throughout the Afro-Eurasia region (1) (2).

While some nations, such as Myanmar, have welcomed the initiative, and subsequent access to investors (3), others are concerned loans issued by China could lead to spiraling debt traps (4) (5), locking developing nations into dependence on China (6).

China’s investment in a new trade network could be a sign that they are ready to declare independence from British and US infrastructure, while at the same time further their bid to become the superpower of the 21st century.

China commits to defending their sphere of interest by chasing away US destroyer from disputed territories (7). However, doubt remains as to whether they can afford the costs of maintaining “superpower status” (8), or if the West will allow them to continue their expansive investment activities (9).



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