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Chinese Retail

China’s retail giants are doubling as investors, and in this case, the diversification seems to be working in their favor (1). Meituan’s market share puts them firmly in the category of a monopoly (2), however, modern retail seems to be leaving traditional American brands behind (3).

Technology will be the driving force behind retail-of-the-future, with savvy managers getting ahead of the curve by implementing AI solutions (4), fast delivery options (5), and diversifying into tech services (6), turning retail into a more immersive experience for the modern shopper.



  1. Investments fuel a third of profits at Tencent and Alibaba

  2. Meituan’s daily orders exceed 20 million, market share increases to 59.1%

  3. Inside Sears' death spiral: How an iconic American brand has been driven to the edge of bankruptcy

  4. How Germany’s Otto uses artificial intelligence

  5. to offer parcel delivery in China - Tamebay

  6. Alipay's parent company says tech services — not payments — will be its main business in the future

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