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Coronavirus vs the Nations

The European Commission’s plans for a pandemic recovery fund is putting up to 750 billion additional volume into the EU market (1), with some nations further extending that by adding their own national stimulus packages into the mix (2).

The US is targeting the coveted “V shape recovery” with a whole series of planned stimulus packages and tax cuts to incentivise businesses and soften the blow to the job market (3). Not to be outdone by their biggest rival, China announces plans for a stimulus package nearly 5x larger than that of the US (4).

Across the world, from India (5) to Japan (6) and around Southeast Asia (7), nations are banding together with a common cause—to stimulate stagnant economies in a way that is quite reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein’s endeavours.

The pandemic has had another effect that is likely to last far longer. Globalism has lost its appeal with the popular elites, bogged down by inefficient welfare states that lack economic independence (8). Experts warn the “new normal” might become a slew of EUxits (9), mass nationalisations (10), rising populism (11) and rampant dissatisfaction with national police forces (12) as questions of EU “solidarity” continue to rise (13).

Meanwhile, the EU’s pandemic purchasing program is expected to ease monetary policy (14) but sounds more like a frenzied shopping spree intended to support the new norm of a “trickleup economy” (15).

Lockdown efforts have unleashed a new wave of social control techniques with robot “patrol dogs” (16), suspended freedoms (17), citizen denunciations (18), and the established companion of authoritarianism — excessive paperwork (19), while others have taken a more “supernatural” approach (20).



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