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De-globalization of Large Corporations

The forced restructuring of Ant Group Co. highlights China’s determination to avoid large monopolies wielding more power than the government (1); a war currently being waged in the US between Big Tech and MSM, and democracy (2) and free speech (3).

Research reveals too much wealth and power has caused these ”elites” to develop a savior complex, believing their success is due to their innate abilities and altruistic worldviews and conclude it is their duty to make the world into their version of a ”better place” (4).

The dark truth is, these non-elected billionaires, under the philanthropic umbrella, begin behaving as demi-gods for their own benefit (5) and world-ideals. Luckily, they do not yet wield their power unopposed (6). Not so lucky, is the apparent need to keep the world in a crisis state (7).

Wise investors may wish to protect their assets from possible government interventions (8) and regulations (9), and add balance to Big Tech’s monopoly, by sourcing from and investing into smaller, more local and non-convoluted products and services.



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