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Developed Asia

Regional tensions threaten to open old wounds between Japan and South Korea (1) as their trade war drags on (2) causing slowing growth and expanding house prices (3). Hong Kong continues to be a center of unrest with the protests shifting from political to emotional undercurrents as Hong Kongers deal with the risk of losing their identity (4) to be absorbed into greater China (5). The unrest is a welcome boost to Singapore (6), a long-time rival for the top place as the regional financial hub (7). Vietnam manufacturing has also been a net-beneficiary of the shift in production (8) with both nations rising up the ranks of global competitiveness (9).

Areas famous for attracting tourists are beginning to feel the strain of overtourism and the myriad of issues that come with it (10). Many are shifting the economy towards the tech sector with stronger political focus given to innovators (11) and towards boosting regional trade (12). China’s Uygur issue could put its relations with Muslimmajority trade partners at risk with increasing accusations against Chinese “propaganda” (13). With such a variety of economic conditions, and volume of cross-border economic immigration, countries are finding it challenging to be national self-sufficient (14) or deal with the volume of shifting manufacturing which could cause bottlenecks and hamper the speed of exports (15).



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