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Developing Markets

Malaysia wins first place on the Emerging-Market scorecard (1), with Southeast Asia experiencing a manufacturing boom propelled by the Trade War (2), and foreign tech investors (3).

Vietnam’s decision to lift restrictions on foreign ownership of companies (4) is a boon to their already growing economy (5) and shows a commitment to support growth through foreign investment.

Pakistan has turned to Saudi Arabia (6) for support in dealing with their financial crisis, following the US’s aid cuts last quarter (7), however, local Chinese businesses have come under attack (8) as resentment brews over increasing indebtedness to China (9) and the imbalance of trade between the two nations (10).

Asian growth seems to be weathering the US/China trade war with a fair amount of resilience (11) (12), with Asian countries climbing higher on the ladder of attractive destinations for business (13) and government-issued bonds (14).

Vietnam’s growing economy and investor-friendly policy aims make the nation a good stop for investors to check out (15).

President Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s little twitter spat points to deteriorating relations with the West and could lead to more Asian-focused partnerships in the future.



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