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Dollar in Trouble

The amount of trade being conducted in non-USD continues to grow with Iran and India agreeing to drop the dollar to avoid sanctions (1), joining Russia and Syria who have ditched the dollar for their joint energy projects (2). Both Russia and China have continued slashing their holding of American debt. This trend, which has been spreading to more nations (3), spells trouble for the USD (4) and opens even the more conservative thinkers to wonder if it has the strength to remain the global reserve currency (5).

The global response to US bullying has been the continual removal of the USD as a relevant currency of international trade. As concerns of a collapsing dollar moves from a conspiracy theory (6) to a more mainstream topic (7), this will inevitably lead to a speeding up of the collapse as one of the unspoken pillars of any historical reserve currency. For faith must be blind if it is to remain strong.



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  7. Bank Of England Boss: China's Renminbi Will Rival The Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

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