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Dropping USD

Dollar-dropping trade agreements are increasingly popping up, affecting bilateral trade agreements in South (1) and East Asia (2), South America (3), Africa (4), the Middle East (5), India (6), Russia (7), and China (8).

Meanwhile, gold demand continues to flourish (9) as more central banks jump on the bandwagon (10).

The two main holders of US debt, China and Japan, are cutting their holdings (11), a move which could dampen the manufacturing boom in America (12), and bring about the final demise of the US dollar as the world reserve currency (13), and push nations back towards a gold standard (14).



  1. Pakistan, China Ditch US Dollar for Yuan in Bilateral Trade

  2. Dumping the dollar: Iran & South Korea agree cross-currency trade

  3. Venezuela drops US dollar, will use euro for international transactions

  4. Russia looks to eliminate US dollar from trade with African countries – official

  5. Turkey Seeks to Trade in National Currencies With Russia, China, Iran

  6. India to switch from dollar to rupee to pay for Iranian oil

  7. Russia's De-Dollarisation Goes Full Throttle, US Can't Help But Notice It

  8. Russia and China ditching dollar for national currencies payment system to avoid sanctions

  9. Gold demand up 42% as countries abandon US dollar in expectation of geopolitical shift

  10. Central Banks Buy Their Most Gold In Years As They Look To Reduce Risk

  11. Dollar monopoly slips as China & Japan dump US Treasuries

  12. China's Sale of US Dollar Bonds Will Annoy American Manufacturers - Professor

  13. Ray Dalio: Losing 'Reserve Status' Would Lead To 30% Drop In The Dollar

  14. Gold Re-Monetization Is Much Closer Than Many Realize

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