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Dusk in the West, Dawn in the East

Rough times are ahead for Americans who are forced to turn to food banks (1) and theft (2) as the hope of regaining employment dwindles (3), and small businesses are forced to fold at alarming rates (4). With US imports double that of their exports, skewing the trade balance (5), weak retail sales producing slumping PMI forecasts (6), and most importantly the accelerated rate of inflation, which "experts" continue to deny despite evidence of rising costs of living (7), the macro outlook is less than peachy (8), as America is hit with the proverbial fiddler's bill, while the other western nations follow closely behind (9).

But as every dusk must birth a new dawn, investors can look with hope towards a brighter future with eastern nations such as Vietnam, who's growth forecast has increased as public investment and domestic consumption depicts a positive outlook for this emerging economy (10), while Asia comes together to build a stronger community with the world's largest trade deal, aimed at boosting economies heavily hit by the pandemic with lower tariffs and stronger supply chains, facilitating smoother, multilateral trading between its partners (11).



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