Emerging Asia

Indonesia’s election results could be good news for China, as it is expected that the government will focus on infrastructure and human development projects (1), however it is unclear if Indonesia will be welcoming to foreign investment (2) despite plans to support their digital economy (3). However their expansive plan to move the government could pave the way for a more welcoming environment (4).

The Philippines are expected to create incentives for startups (5) and implement a legal framework to regulate digital payments (6). However, disputed claims between China and the Philippines could lead to an escalation of tensions (7).

Vietnam (8) and Singapore (9) have come out as some of the main beneficiaries of the trade war however they have also been singled out by the US currency manipulator watchlist (10) while Pakistan’s currency hits record lows against the USD (11).

Brunei has taken a page directly out of the leftist play book by citing “diversity” and “tolerance” as reasons the EU should respect their right to apply Sharia punishments (12), the West responded by boycotting the Sultan’s (13) hotels and turning Brunei towards China (14)

Duterte continues to take the stage with politically questionable statements (15) that even manage to make Trump look like a serious statesman. The Philippines has joined forces with Japan against China (16) as a fishing feud (17) and a hit-and-run (18) causes relations to sink. The Philippines is pushing back against unwanted trash from Canada (19), joining a growing trend in Southeast Asia to push back against Western trash policies (20).



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