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Emerging Currencies in Dire Straits

Turkey’s economic crisis is turning into an Emerging Market Epidemic (1) with some currencies trading at near-record lows against the US dollar (2).

The Indian Rupee has suffered an unprecedented fall (3) leading to concerns that the economic troubles could have a political impact (4).

The Indonesian Rupiah hit a 20-year low against the dollar (5), Vietnam’s ability to maintain a firm Dong (6) is doubtful as even developed countries fall prey to the contagion (7).

To some, the economic crisis and falling gold prices come as a godsend, granting Russia a buffer against sliding oil prices (8), and opening up new markets for Qatar (9).

In contrast, the US economy is growing, claiming 5.4% in Q2 2018 (10), with wages increasing 2.9% (11) and unemployment claims dropping to lows not seen in the last half century (12).



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