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Energy: The Destruction of Germany

The energy crisis in Germany has by no means abated as insolvency threatens domestic gas giants (1) and German citizens’ energy needs are being rationed (2) and culled (3). While potential alternatives are being explored (4), the crunch is permeating other branches of the German economy as social tensions mount (5).

Although fears the 10-day scheduled maintenance of Nordstream 1 would signal an end to Russian gas supply (6) have been unfounded (7), a recent “force majeur” declared by Gazprom has fueled Europe’s leaders’ speculations of Russia weaponizing energy supplies (8). It appears, however, to be more a case of Gazprom covering their back from obligations they are unable to fulfil due to Canada withholding essential parts (9) following a “summons” of the Canadian ambassador by Ukrainian president, Zelenskiy, who vehemently opposed Canada’s decision to make an exception to their sanctions and send back the turbine (10). Now that Canada has released said part, it remains to be seen whether Russia will resume full-capacity gas flow or not (11).

The European energy crunch has prompted the French government to begin nationalizing it’s largest energy provider (12) while announcing that street lights will be turned off at night, although admitting minimal dependence on Russian gas (13). France’s energy issues are more domestically-born, due to unexpected maintenance rather than anything Russia has or hasn’t done, nevertheless, the timing couldn’t be worse (14). Germany’s Christian Democratic Union chief has warned of possible friction amongst EU nations over distribution of gas supplies and argued against halting all gas from Russia (15), while energy-dependent nations outside of the EU, such as Switzerland, are also bracing for a troubled upcoming winter (16).

The massive jump in prices that are decimating once-powerful economies (17) is, apparently, not enough for idealists who demand higher gas prices for the sake of democracy (18), despite the global havoc sky-high prices are wreaking (19). It appears keeping warm is to be available only to the “haves” (20).



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