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Fabricated Realities

Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific (1).—World Climate Declaration

Manipulating plebian perceptions is apparent almost daily as words and their meanings are distorted, while data is reinterpreted though whichever lens is most suitable to support the narrative (2), and any discrepancies are simply ignored (3).

Covid provided a perfect cover story for the disastrous state the global economy had fallen into. As popular interest in (or fear of) Covid waned, Russia, due to its military intervention in Ukraine, replaced Covid as the primary scapegoat (4). However, as Putin pointed out in his speech (5), inflation was raging well before February’s events, consumer and energy prices had been wreaking havoc since the latter part of 2021, and markets had already begun to crumble under an economy artificially-sustained since 2008.

When Russia lowered gas flow due to annual maintenance and technical problems, it was described in western media as Russia weaponizing energy resources (6), yet when half of France’s nuclear plants were shut down because of unexpected corrosion and issues caused by lack of maintenance during the Covid lockdowns (7), the incompetence that brought about this issue (not to mention the incredibly inconvenient timing) is brushed aside. Putting aside the fact that France “does not need Russian gas” (8), its somehow still Russia’s fault that French citizens will have to endure a cold winter (9).

It seems it’s easier to lay blame on a perceived enemy rather than acknowledge that Europe’s ongoing demise has been deliberately devised (10).

The current global crisis, and those yet to come, are a result of flawed systems, faulty policies, and market panics coupled with carefully planned strategies to win the geopolitical war between a dying empire and its rising competitors (11).

Further to the point of fabricated realities comes the “carbon-based climate crisis” narrative (12), and the propaganda-fueled (13) and destructive (14) laws that follow. The green movement, and its activism, have left more deterioration than amelioration in their wake (15), becoming little more than an excuse for wealth transfer and increased control (16), as governments continue to embrace and forward policies which will allow greater micromanagement over the minutiae of people’s lives (17).

Resistance to a predetermined future by unelected elites (18) is cropping up in the US as some politicians (19) and states (20) are beginning to buck the tide of politics attempting to pass off as science.



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