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Fintech is still one of the fastest growing sectors, particularly in Asia (1). China’s Tencent has its fingers in many pies, from joint ventures in Fintech research (2) to online brokers (3), while Alibaba moves into Europe with a financial services acquisition (4) and a partnership with UK’s Barclaycard (5).

Indonesian Fintech is helped out by Chinese firms (6) as the state moves to integrate a unified QR payment platform that includes Alipay and WeChat pay (7), expanding financial access to their large unbanked population (8) while Australia offers investment opportunities for young Indonesian savers (9).

Both Grab (10) and Didi (11) have moved beyond ride-hailing and into the Fintech sector with Grab offering micro-financing schemes for SMEs and Didi offering risk-/ and wealth management services.

As Fintech grown the tables seem to be shifting. Rather than banks investing in innovative Fintech startups, it's now Fintechs that are looking at formal financial institutions to invest in (12).

The remarkable aspect of Fintech—to drive financial inclusion of firms that don’t qualify for traditional bank loans—is a major driver of its growth. As Fintech gains size and momentum it will have to find its place somewhere below the highly regulated world of Banking, while still adhering to a minimum level of risk aversion.



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