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Forbidden Fruit

Hungry people are the most productive people, especially where there is a need for manual labour. For those of us at the high end of the social ladder, ending hunger globally would be a disaster. For many of us, hunger is not a problem, but an asset (1).—UN Article published July 6, 2022; archived almost immediately

Canadian farmers are soon to be facing similar restrictions (2) to those that caused the economic collapse in Sri Lanka (3) and prompted the farmer protests in the Netherlands (4).

In a time where the world is threatened with food shortages due to natural (5) and not so natural (6) adverse events, the war on food producers (7) being waged by governments bowing to an ideological agenda (8) appears increasingly unhinged (9).

Despite consumers adapting their spending habits (10), food prices are expected to continue to rise (11), with some predicting a greater surge following the US midterm elections (12), as more countries experience adverse weather conditions and the threat of food shortages is increased (13).



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