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Global Politics: Struggles and Achievements

India's continued economic growth, following the pandemic-induced blow, is largely dependent on strategic governmental spending and support for key growth industries (1), while competition from emerging neighbour, Bangladesh, may prove beneficial to India and the greater subcontinent's prospects, were they to strengthen bilateral relations (2).

Vietnam's growth forecast has increased as public investment, domestic consumption, (3) and exports (4) are on the rise making Vietnam one of the few winners of the economic crisis.

Thailand's monarch -who transferred the entire Crown Property portfolio to his personal ownership in 2018- saw his subjects rise up to protest his exorbitant wealth and demand greater transparency on his excessive and increasing budget while his country faced the economic fallout of Covid-19, with millions left unemployed (5). Citizens also questioned his proclivity to ruling his country from abroad (6), sparking admonitions from Germany for conducting state affairs from German soil and raised questions over his tax status (7). The protests were initially sparked over the banning of a popular opposition party, while issues such as the dictatorial governmental leadership and uncertainties over the future (8) prompted demands for the prime minister's resignation (9).

Indonesia's president approved a bill intended to overhaul Indonesia's economy, despite violent protests by labor unions and NGO representatives (10). Activists in Hong Kong who played a role in the 2019 protests have been arrested and await their fate at the hands of Chinese authorities (11), while the Philippine president has claimed responsibility for thousands of war-on-drugs deaths, proudly labeling it his "sacred duty" (12), and Communist terrorists who missed the memo of the Soviet Union's collapse were arrested and are awaiting a psychiatric evaluation (13).

The desire for independence remains strong in parts of Europe with ongoing unrest in the Catalan area, as they continue to battle with Spain over their declared sovereignty (14), and with Scotland deciding whether to autonomize themselves from the UK and remain attached to the EU (15).

The winning of the elections by Bolivia's MAS party sparks hope for less political volatility than experienced last year (16), as criminal charges have been leveled against the perpetrators (17) and Bolivia looks to revive bilateral relations and former alliances (18).



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