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Gold Rushes De-dollarization

More nations are joining the global gold rush (1) which some even going so far as to suggest a return to the gold-standard (2) for a pan-Asian trading currency (3).

China and India (4) are continuing to grow their reserves as more central banks switch from the standard US currency reserves to a more “hard asset” (5) that they can place more trust in (6), or just shifting risk away from the dollar (7).

The new BIS regulations allowing gold reserves to cover market risks will increase its demand as major currencies weaken (8) or shift east (9).

The trend away from dollars is accelerating the decline of the dollar as a world reserve currency (10) as US treasuries continue to be exchanged for alternatives (11) and previously large creditors continue dumping US debt (12) in favor of gold (13). Speculators are predicting an extensive gold rally (14).

More trade agreements are switching to local currencies (15) with China and Russia steering the move away from the dollar (16) and East Asia considered its own trading currency pegged to gold (17).



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