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Huawei and the 5G Contest

The UK has succumbed to pressure from Washington to join the ban on Huawei, making it illegal to buy their 5G components; reneging on their previous agreement (1), turning instead to Japan for help in finding an alternative to Huawei technology (2) and further straining relations between the UK and China.

British phone companies have strenuously objected to this decision citing major issues with implementation, expenditure, and time (3), while Nokia has announced plans to fill the gap left by Huawei’s eviction (4).

Sanctions on Huawei have affected the tech-supply industry as Huawei races to find US-tech substitutes (5), while simultaneously developing an operating system to rival Google's Android (6).

The Indian government plans to step in as the world’s “factory”, with one company intending to replace China’s technology giants. Some question if one firm can be the answer to everything—despite Silicon Valley backing and existent 5G technology—and whether India has the infrastructure or the balance sheet to ensure success (7).


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