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In Trade We Trust

Fifteen nations came together to sign the world's largest trade deal, leaving the door open for others to join, in an effort to boost economies heavily it by the pandemic, with lower tariffs and stronger supply chains, the deal looks to facilitate smooth, multilateral trading between its partners. India pulled out at the last minute, but remains welcome to rejoin should it so choose (1). China continues to advocate multilateralism and solidarity between nations, particularly during what's been dubbed "the worst recession since the Great Depression", as China strengthens its role as globalization's gladiator (2).

Meanwhile, the US and seven other countries—notably absent were China and Russia—signed an accord to divide and conquer the moon (3).

Israel's Prime Minister struggled to remove his foot from his mouth after (un)intentionally equating women and children to animals—but with rights (4).



  1. ASEAN, China, other partners sign world's biggest trade pact

  2. China's Xi: World Economy In Worst Recession Since Great Depression

  3. US & 7 friendly nations sign Artemis Accords to carve up moon – but satellite is hard to reach without Russia's help

  4. ‘Women are animals... with rights’: Netanyahu pummeled for poorly-worded speech against domestic violence

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