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Tensions in the disputed region of Kashmir have escalated after India moved to revoke the autonomy of the region (1), causing Pakistan to reaffirm its claim to the territory (2) and threaten military intervention (3). India claims the move will help to root out “terrorism” (4) and return the region to “past glory” (5). However, the local response is far from appreciative of India’s efforts (6) and the curfews (7) and phone blackouts that have come with it (8). Pakistan has responded by boycotting the Bollywood sector (9) and increasing border security (10), while India has pushed to increase their missile strength (11).

Modi’s government is considering that the “special status” afforded to Kashmir is facilitating the spread of extremism (12) as calls for jihad against India (13) and “unrelenting blows” against the government (14) have been issued by Islamic clerics. Little good has historically been seen by nations attempting to hold on to Muslim-majority regions as their proclivity to consider themselves “Muslim first” causes tensions to rise in periods of unrest between themselves and their neighbours (15). Religious clerics calling for jihad exasperates efforts of integration and normalisation, and usually ends up leading to economic woes for the regions involved.



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  13. Kashmir crisis: Pakistani cleric (& open advocate of bin Laden) declares ‘jihad’ on India

  14. Al-Qaeda Chief Tells Kashmiri Separatists to ‘Bleed India Through Unrelenting Terror Attacks’

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