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Military Movements

Tensions between the US and Turkey continue to escalate, with the US contemplating removing their weapons store from Turkey (1) and Turkey forging closer military ties with Russia (2).

Israel continues to isolate itself from productive relations with neighbouring nations (3) despite more leaders speaking up against their aggressive and provocative behaviour (4).

India has ended its defense cooperation with the US amidst stalling deals and lack of transparency on technology sharing (5), while Pakistan looks to boost their weapons export sector (6).

The US has reportedly been assisting Russia in establishing itself in the region and handing back key locations to the Syrian military (7), while the major military powers in the region plan on showing off their new toys with expensive military games (8).

Serbia is being pressured by the US to cancel the purchase of Russia’s defensive weapons system (9), a suspicious move that makes little sense unless they are hoping to move their own military in, or are planning a repeat of 1999. Meanwhile, the US has been quietly preparing its troops for Arctic conditions (10).

But the single more telling indicator that military tensions are increasing dramatically is when neutral Switzerland begins preparing to protect strategically vital sites (11).



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