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US military forces have been increasing their activity, particularly near regions that have been economically targeted through sanctions or tariffs (1) (2).

Relations with Turkey have deteriorated recently due to the punitive tariffs causing the lira to decrease rapidly against the dollar (3). Turkey accused the US of waging an economic war (4), and retaliate by raising tariffs (5) boycotting American products (6) and burning dollar bills (7).

Former US diplomat arrogantly refers to allies as “satellites” and stresses the consequences for misbehaviour (8). However, threats seems empty as even smaller economies are hitting back at US hegemony (9) (10).

The recent increase of US military activity coincides with major movements in political allegiance. Russia is poised to become the main weapons partner for “former” NATO allies (11) (12) (13), Turkey is looking to join the BRICS club (14) and is politically and economically aligning itself with Russia, China, and Qatar (15), while distancing itself from the punitive tactics of the US (16).

Iran and Syria are moving towards military cooperation (17), and Turkish relations with Russia are improving (18).

It seems as if the East bloc is working towards peaceful cooperation among themselves, while NATO is looking for any excuse to accuse others of aggressive behaviour (19).


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