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One China

China is facing slowing economic growth (1) and increasing capital flight causing their trade surplus to diminish (2). The Chinese government has also been under pressure due to the unrest in Hong Kong and their distrust of Chinese authorities (3).

China is increasing the defense of its actions against minority populations claiming the “inseparability” of the Muslim majority region (4). Tensions have also flared up between the US and China over the hosting of Taiwan’s President which they claim goes against the “one-China” policy (5).

The state of the nation is not quite as stable as the official statistics would like to make it seem. China’s “generation Z” has often been diagnosed with debt-addiction (6), a quietly brewing problem that could cause serious trouble down the road, while China’s human rights record is becoming increasingly troublesome (7) and spilling over into neighbouring nations where they have no jurisdiction (8).

China’s social credit system is being actively used to bar discredited individuals from flying (9), with plans in place to apply a corporate credit system to foreign firms (10).



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