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Rising Debt

Asian debt is becoming less attractive as governments cut interest rates to help stimulate their flagging economies (1). The sheer volume of Chinese sovereign debt maturing in 2020 is exasperating an already strained market (2) with more high-profile defaults on the horizon (3). Japan joins the ranks of nations issuing super-long-term debt with their first half-century bond (4).

Myanmar is poised to issue its first 10-year bonds to facilitate the rise of their insurance sector(5).

The economic slowdown seems to be more than some can bear to think about as continued talks of “rallies” (6) mix in with the news of impending recession. US corporate bonds are facing a tougher market as more investors avoid US debt entirely to protect clients from sudden drops in price (7) and the debt binge of corporate America (8).

Despite China’s debt-to-GDP rising to over 300% (9), China continues to issue “special bonds” in the hope of getting 2020 off to a good start (10) despite a slew of bond defaults (11) hitting state owned corporations (12).



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