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Rumors of War

Tensions in the South China Sea continue to be choppy with the US and British (1) ignoring China’s claims to the region (2), and China responding with ever more virulent threats (3).

With Beijing directing its armed forces to prepare for war (4) there is increasing concern over the modernity of Chinese war-tech (5) and the rising confidence in displaying it (6). While the US accused China of preparing for conflict (7), they themselves were “caught” preparing for missile fights in the South China Sea (8) to counter the China threat (9).

Russia has been busy deploying military tech to many interested buyers in both the ME (10) and Africa (11). Russia maintains its dominance in military tech (12) and is exerting its influence to halt the installation of US missiles in Europe (13) and destroy bases deemed out of compliance with the INF treaty (14).

The US responded aggressively to allegations the ICC is investigating possible war crimes committed in Afghanistan (15), which is to be expected since they haven’t had to answer to any higher authorities since the, now infamous, “weapons of mass destruction” scandal. Now the US is under threat of losing their “special status” and having to deal on equal terms with the rising powers of China and Russia.

Russia is not messing around when it comes to their national security (16) and are prepared to defend themselves against US aggression (17). Meanwhile, Europe is in a precarious position as it hosts the main US bases that could pose a direct threat to Russia if the US moves for another “preemptive self-defensive” strike.



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