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Shifting Trade Routes

Trump’s trade war is changing global oil flows (1) and setting up the global supply chain for disruption as companies consider moving out of China (2), or allocating investments to other parts of Southeast Asia (3). The currently established bastions of cheap labour are fighting to maintain their status (4) as companies look for ever more cost cutting strategies.

India ties itself closer to Russia with their purchase of the Russian air-defense system (5), joint projects in nuclear energy (6), and an agreement to use local currencies in trade (7).

China’s Belt and Road project is met with further delays as former backing nations realize it's not living up to its golden reputation, and Chinese behaviour (8) and lending practices are viewed with suspicion (9).

The US has been the de facto “protector” of the world’s trade routes for nearly hundred years (10), however the recent protectionist policies advanced by the Trump administration, and distancing from world relations (11) are leaving a void in the world (12) that China (13) (14) and Russia (15) are more than happy to fill.

President Xi has staked his (16), and the Communist Party’s, reputation on the success of this project, going so far as to enshrine it in their constitution (17). This will, unfortunately, lead to a development project that is more about political maneuverings than smart economics, and it might take some time before the world is ready to accept China as an equal (18).


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