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State of the World Since “The Great Reset”

In the two years since the “elite” informed us that The Great Reset had begun, the world, and in some ways reality itself, has certainly changed in a myriad of ways.

Health and Science

Covid was seen as the ideal catalyst to kick-off The Great Reset. A once-in-a-century global pandemic that swept the world with death and destruction in its wake. Except it wasn’t. Already by mid 2020—prior to the vaccine rollout—seroprevalence data showed that the median death rate of those under 70 years old was only 0.04% (1), far less than media outlets were claiming during the lockdowns.

The discrepancy between the desired narrative and reality prompted the need to utilize mainstream and social media to propagate fear and espouse the necessary narrative (2); a hijacking of the scientific method by “the science” (3). Although the lack of scientific integrity was eventually condemned by their peers (4), this destruction of the scientific method may have been made possible via faulty structures implemented by neoliberalism over the past 40 years (5), culminating in “the science” now being “owned” by gleeful globalists (6).

Food and Nutrition

Part of the goals set about by The Great Reset was near elimination of meat consumption (7), while the war on farmers (8) currently being waged indicates an intent to greatly diminish whole food consumption in general, replacing them with highly processed “food” alternatives (9).

Financial Systems

Taking the green narrative into the financial system, comes further erosion of national sovereignty, particularly those of developing nations, under the guise of sustainability (10), but which would result in little more than slavery under a different name (11).

Part of this slavery would be accomplished by the implementation of CDBCs (12). As pointed out in previous publications…

…the programmable nature of digital currencies not only give the issuer the ability to monitor how one’s money is spent, but the potential power to dictate what it can and cannot be spent on. Under this concept, money would cease to be money as we know it and rather be more akin to coupons—a designated amount for a predetermined destination.

Indeed, the steps towards this new financial system, where cash is obsolete (13), are already being implemented (14), while one of the largest threats to this new totalitarian system is potentially on its way to being neutralized (15), while “baby steps” towards a greater social control via an “everything digitalization” are being tested (16).


Not everyone is content with taking it lying down, and some who are opposed to their future being dictated by a self-determinedly “superior” entity, are beginning to make their voices heard (17), as the tide in the affairs of men is beginning to turn (18).



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