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The Collapse of the US Consumer

Looking at the SPX one might assume the US economy is thriving, but when the rose-glasses of “all time highs” are removed, the macro image that becomes evident when closely inspecting elements of the real economy, is far less optimistic. With the potential to fall even further (1), US treasury yields fell to all time lows, prompting a tidal-wave of new bond issuance which slid the government even deeper into the debt-pit (2). Budget deficits have hit record highs (3), and one of America’s remaining primary exports, Boeing, is seen eagerly awaiting customers, yet running out of storage space as those customers never come (4).

The lockdowns have wreaked havoc on an already fragile American economy and its effects are felt countrywide (5). With nearly 50% of working-age Americans out of work (6), it follows that rent and mortgage payments would suffer (7), and with the lockdowns being nowhere near over (8), it becomes clear that the hoped-for v-shaped recovery (9), is little more than wishful thinking (10).

Some would call for more government hand-outs (11) and debt-relief (12), which sounds peachy on the surface, but has the potential to exacerbate the problem further (13).



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