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The End of All Lock-downs

It has been one full year since countries in Europe instituted the first lockdowns. Much has been observed in this time period and mountains of data has been assimilated from countries around the world, utilizing varying methods to curb the spread of the virus. The consensus, based not on politics, but on empirical evidence is that mask wearing (1) and lockdowns (2) have had little to no effect, and that the vaccine may in fact be exacerbating the issue (3), evidenced further by what happened (or rather, didn’t happen) in Tanzania.

Several countries and states globally are abandoning the use of lockdowns and curfews, declaring “enough is enough” (4), ruling that they lack legal basis (5) and are downright unconstitutional (6), with the positive results seen this far (7) contrasting the CDC’s warning of “impending doom” (8). The rise in mental illness and suicide amongst children subjected to what may be perceived as house arrest, gives a sinister spin to the lockdown debate (9). It is interesting to note the progression in China, which has completely returned back to normal, as their case numbers and economy thank them (10).

Given the evidence suggests that all measures used thus far seem useless, if they continue to be the “solution” of choice, one has to question whether something else entirely is going on.



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