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The SCO Expansion

Unsurprisingly, Russia has thrown its support China’s way in the developing international tensions over Taiwan (9). The US, who adopted the ”One China” policy in the late ’70s (10), has remained firm that it does not support the PRC’s claim to sovereignty over the island, which has global relevance due to its computer chip production (11). Both sides have been flexing their military muscles (12) with each accusing the other of provocation (13). While the two heads of state came together in a virtual summit to reaffirm that neither side is interested in any escalation (14), it would be foolish to assume that danger has passed (15).

As Australia positions itself to defend Taiwan from the tyrannical rule of the PRC (16), its hypocrisy has become tangible as the government seizes assets from its own citizens (17) and launches ”quarantine camps” for all those who test positive for Covid-19 along with any they have come in close contact with (18).

China has reignited maritime tensions with the Philippines as the countries continue their dispute over China’s increased military presence throughout the South China Sea which continues to seep into Philippine waters (19), while the US has pledged to defend the Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands if China were ever to launch an invasion (20). While border talks between China and India have crumbled, with China accusing India of making unreasonable demands following several violent clashes last year that saw casualties on both sides (21), the SCO alliance has some cause to celebrate over successfully gaining influence over Afghanistan following the disastrous US withdrawal (22).



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