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Thriving Startup Sector

Unicorns are becoming a more common sighting (1) with a new term being coined for those who top the $10 billion valuation (2). Chinese (3) and Israeli (4) unicorns are becoming a popular investment item for global investors (5) while Israel is looking to tap into the Asian startup scene (6).

Hong Kong’s IPO market is set to deliver record returns (7) with Alibaba set to file a second listing (8). The Asian startup ecosystem continues to grow (9) with plans to integrate key cities to larger economic zones (10) while Indian startups look for ways to disrupt payment systems (11).

Given the current economic environment, it seems Startups are more focused on a strategy of “blitzscaling” (12) than they are on generating profits or sustainable business models (13).

Overhyped valuations can lead to IPOs that don’t accurately reflect the underlying value (14), with investors seemingly unsure how to price the offset between a startup’s potential growth to their current losses (15).

While the current state of the tech market has some drawing comparisons to the bubble (16), others look at the differentiating factors such as the later age at which companies are going public (17).



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