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US: My Way or Huawei!

The targeting of Huawei’s CTO (1) has unleashed a game of tit for tat within the Telecoms industry, and led to further cooling of relations between China and the US (2), and prompting Huawei to consider relocating its supply chain to mainland China (3).

The race to 5G is pitting the US and China against each other, with the US calling on its allies to further ostracize Huawei (4), citing risks of national security (5). Huawei has in turn accused an American firm of unfair licensing practices (6) related to 5G patents.

Chinese consumers are outright rejecting the lack of innovation in American smartphone products (7), preferring to stay with local brands (8).

While the US maintains its legal right to extradite Huawei’s CTO under allegations of breaching sanctions, the reality is that it smacks of a politically motivated maneuver to take down a Chinese giant. Whether or not the attention is warranted is the question that, as of yet, has no definitive answer (9).

The US’s security concerns seem rather outlandish when considering that the FBI, CIA, and NSA have been under constant fire for allegations of spying on the American people and demanding backdoors built into Apple tech. America’s allies seem to have tired of the accusations without proof (10) as the campaign to ostracize Huawei meets global opposition (11).

Perhaps the US is jealous over a potential rival to its proprietary Western spy network (12) and military supremacy (13).



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