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Investment strategy

Integrated IC

Empower your investment teams and increase their ability to effectively transfer market news into a decision-making process. Team convictions can be tracked over time showing clearly how agreements lead into investment decisions and drive the investment strategy.

Structured decisions

Regulatory compliance

Stakeholder reports

Performance reports

Detailed breakdown of your portfolio performance designed to deliver real insights into the effectiveness of the TAA strategy and the risk style of the investment mandate. Easily assess the effectiveness of active hedging strategies and targeted growth projections are fulfilled within the mandate specifications.

Drawdown management

Decision validation

Complete ovesight

Performance reporting
Investment hedging

Active hedging

AI-driven hedging recommendations built directly into the platform and integrated with the standard monthly IC process. Effective hedging ensures the most critical positions are protected while reducing costs and enabling portfolio managers to return to markets with increased confidence. 

Risk mitigation

Responsive allocation

Action clarity


Make your teams more efficient with a full-stack investment suite. Streamline reporting processes and experience the ease of running multiple mandates en suite. 

Portfolio Manager

Built-in IC process, clear action points, and decision tracking tools ensures your portfolio remains fully aligned with the mandate and equips you to validate all key decisions. 

Market Analyst

Transform market news into active risk signals and clear interpretations on market movements. Automated reports remove time lags between events and actionable decisions.

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