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Strategy management
Strategy testing

Strategy Validation

Chose your preferred risk style and appetite with directly comparable investment strategies to challenge your SAA with real-world scenarios. With SAA challenges you can assess how well your portfolio is prepared for any type of market regime change. 

Optimize instruments

Optimize markets

Optimize risks

Key Contributors

Test out managers and get direct insights into which aspects of the SAA bring the most value into the portfolio, and which are the star potential regions. Contribution analysis targets the effectiveness of tail-risk strategies and assess the profitability of active hedging

Performance boosters

Regional Contributors

Detractor management

economic phase
Portfolio role
Asset class optimization
Capital investments
Currency optimization
Liquidity optimization

SAA structuring

Flexible boundary conditions mitigate risks in the portfolio without reducing access to opportunities. Boundary conditions ensure you can confidently delegate decisions to your team while maintaining high-level oversight.

Structured flexibility

High-level risk management

Ensure the mandate


Make your teams more efficient with a full-stack investment suite. Streamline reporting processes and experience the ease of running multiple mandates en suite. 

Portfolio Manager

Built-in IC process, clear action points, and decision tracking tools ensures your portfolio remains fully aligned with the mandate and equips you to validate all key decisions. 

Market Analyst

Transform market news into active risk signals and clear interpretations on market movements. Automated reports remove time lags between events and actionable decisions.

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