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Black swans, bears and bulls, hawks and doves; at times the financial sector starts to sound more like a petting zoo full of wild animals without fences, trails, or sign posts.

Luckily, we don't view these uncertainties as business risks or threats, but rather as opportunities to prove that even in the worst kinds of market environments there are proven strategies that can protect profits and hedge against extreme downside risks.

We proudly see ourselves as outliers and we ensure our business partners have solutions in which they feel confident to reach out, unfurl their wings, and stand out from the cooing doves

Creative ideas, convincing concepts, and long lasting solutions specifically designed to match our partners' culture and resources are just some of the benefits we bring to the table, along with our network of successful companies and thematic specialists in the financial sector.

Our main motivation to work on corporate strategies is that tingly feeling of excitement where you know you are entering a new stage in sector revolution.

From building a new investment framework to programming alternative portfolio allocation algorithms, implementing information management system, and improving process and information flow within the company, we also consult on partnerships, technology, productization, and marketing strategies.


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