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Macro investments
Brazil reports
Emerging market reports
Emerging market reports
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Asian market reports
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Asian market reports
Asian market reports
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European Markets
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European Markets

Global Reach

Systematic information on major world regions  presented in a structured format to efficiently compare investment opportunities and national risks, providing a deeper understanding of emerging markets and the stability of the developed world.. 

Comparative countries

Business cycle state

Emerging risks

Country Ratings

A first of its kind rating system that goes beyond credit risk to assess investment opportunities, tracking improvements over time, and provide direct comparisons between emerging regions as your on-the-ground partner to increase regional confidence. 

Growth assessment

Forward trends

Beyond emerging


Make your teams more efficient with a full-stack investment suite. Streamline reporting processes and experience the ease of running multiple mandates en suite. 

Portfolio Manager

Built-in IC process, clear action points, and decision tracking tools ensures your portfolio remains fully aligned with the mandate and equips you to validate all key decisions. 

Market Analyst

Transform market news into active risk signals and clear interpretations on market movements. Automated reports remove time lags between events and actionable decisions.

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